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Baby Massage & Infant Mental Health

We offer group baby massage classes or 1:1, 1:2 private classes.

Group classes are run over a 5 week programme, to introduce baby to massage and then build up to a full body massage by week 5.  The benefits of massage for baby are both physical and mental; soothing physical problems like growing pains, colic, constipation whilst creating a wonderful bond between baby and their care giver.

Week 1 covers legs and feet
Week 2 tummy and chest
Week 3 hands and arms
Week 4 head, face and back
Week 5 full body routine

Each class also has time for mummies and daddys to mix with others on a social level, promoting friendship and support.

1:1 or 1:2 gives both mummies and daddies, the opportunity to learn to massage their baby creating beautiful bonding through touch and love.  This can be done at a time to suit parents/care givers in a private space at The Healing Garden.


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