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Face The World

An amazing range of treatments from this company, which are holistically and ethically designed and developed, using products that are environmentally and ethically sourced, vegan friendly and contain all natural ingredients.  The beautiful aromas of the products and the carefully constructed massage routines, are accommpanied by bespoke sound tracks that have been composed to harmonise with the treatments, to add to the mood and relaxation.

Tibetan Hand & Arm Massage

A good hand massage will help tremendously to de-stress, open energy channels and create a feeling of well-being. This wonderful, ancient massage has taken place throughout the Himalayan region and Tibet for thousands of years and draws on Indian, Chinese and Persian wisdom as well as its own traditions. As with many Eastern massage treatments, it uses an holistic approach in viewing the body as a whole – and balancing energy flow and life-force as well as physical benefits. Tibetan Medicine believes that we are made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, wind and space. It is the wind element that is the focus of Ku Nye.

The hands-on techniques applied in Tibetan massage are surprisingly similar to those used in Western methods! Such methods include rubbing, kneading, stroking and stimulation of acupressure points. The oil/medium used in the massage treatment not only provides slip for the therapist, but binds the wind element in place and brings it into balance.           

Thai Foot Massage

An ancient, holistic treatment passed down from generation to generation over thousands of years… but it has clearly stood the test of time. And not without reason! This treatment uses wonderfully relaxing and healing massage techniques. It is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples of Thailand, and it incorporates elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga. Many of us are already aware that reflexology principals within a Thai foot massage will also give benefit to the whole body – not just the region being treated. In Thai teaching, there are no fewer than 10 Sen or energy lines in the feet that map to all areas of the body.

Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage

This ancient Chinese treatment of acupressure has been practiced and perfected for over 5000 years? In simple terms, it was discovered that by pressing certain points of the body, pain or disease were alleviated – and often in regions of the body remote from the pain or pressure point!  By pressing certain meridian/reflex points in the face, not only are there benefits to the facial area but for the whole body – a great bonus

Moroccan Candlelight Back Ritual and Massage

Combining the benefits of black olive "beldi" soap and exfoliating kessa mitts (ethically and fairtrade sourced from Morocco) - with a beautiful rose otto oil (along with shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E) natural soy candle which is lit at the beginning of the treatment then poured onto the back and massaged into the skin during a relaxing and indulgent back massage. Bliss. 

Signature Facial Massage

A wonderfully indulgent facial including double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, tone and moisturise whilst being transported around the world through the rainforest, Australian outback, Amazon and South Africa.  Whilst the mask is in place you can choose from a massage mini-treatment (Thai foot, Tibetan hand and arm or Indian Head).

Indian Head Massage

A seated massage which works the upper back, shoulder blades, trapezius muscles, neck and shoulders finishing off with the head.  An intention is set prior to starting the treatment.  The sitting position allows you to work deeply on the shoulder muscles where lots of tension is held.  Ayurvedic oils enhance the benefits of the treatment and at the end of the massage a balancing of the Chakras through the use of the energy generated from the massage is carried out.  A very relaxing treatment for the mind and body.

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