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Express Facial - Cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise (30 minutes)

Deluxe Facial - Double cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise with massage treatment of the neck, shoulders and face. (45 minutes)

Prescription Facial - Skin analysis and facial tailored to your individual skin type, paying particular attention to problem areas eg. fine lines and wrinkles as well as supporting wellbeing and choosing products that aid wellbeing eg. facilitating sleep and relaxation.  Double cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise using Temple Spa products with relaxing massage treatment. (1 hour)

Sensitive Skin Facial - For those who have sensitive skin or for those who care about the environment and ethically sourced products which are vegan friendly, gluten free and alcohol free, this facial is just for you.  A double cleanse, mask, tone and moisturise using the Temple Spa 'Free From' range with a mini-massage treatment of your choice whilst the mask is in place.  Ideal for young skin and sensitive skin.

Face the World Signature Facial - Take a journey around the world whilst enjoying a relaxing Facial.  From a cleanse in the Rainforest, an exfoliation in the Australian outback, mask in the Amazon rainforest and moisturise on the plains of South Africa.  A mixture of facial cleansing and massage therapy. (55 minutes)

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