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Girls Night in

Bringing massage to your home.  This can be a treatment of your choice for 30 minutes*  including:

·       Back, neck & shoulders                                                                              

        Good for general relaxation with focus on areas of discomfort and pain

·       FTW - Thai legs and feet                                                                               

        Good for sore and tired feet, helps with swollen or puffy ankles and improves circulation and           lymphatic drainage

·       FTW - Tibetan Hand and Arm                                                                        

        Good for people who work with their hands, who work at computers or suffer shoulder/neck           pain/headaches, promotes sleep

·       FTW – Eastern Facial Acupressure                                                             

        Good for improving skin health and circulation, helps remove puffy areas and dark circles, can         help with fine lines to brow and around eyes

·       Or a tailored massage to your individual  needs  


*Includes assessment/discussion

**Max 6 people.

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