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Holistic Massage

Holistic Therapeutic Massage - a deeply relaxing massage treatment focusing on the body systems to relax and restore. Tailored to your individual needs, focusing on areas of concern as well as relaxing muscles and tissues, lymphatic drainage and detoxing.

Sports Massage Therapy - a deeper tissue massage focusing on particular muscle groups - pre and post event as well as maintenance massage and injury assessment & management.  Can also be used for those who are not sports related but want a deeper tissue massage.

Hot Lava Shell Massage - A body massage focusing on deept tissue, muscles and problem areas, knots and tension adding the heat of hot lava shells to work deeper into the tissue, whilst remaining relaxing and relieving.

Hot Bamboo Massage - A body massage using heated bamboo sticks which are shaped and smoothed to give a deeper massage, working problem areas to help with knots and tension.  The heat adds an extra dimension which is both therapeutic and relaxing.

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