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Temple Spa – Spa to Go

An opportunity to learn some new skills, good tips to look after and care for your skin.  Host a Temple Spa Skin Therapy Class in your home as part of the Spa to Go concept.  Invite up to 7 friends along and I’ll coach you through the skin therapy class and how to complete a full facial on yourself, using the beautiful Temple Spa products.  These are all naturally sourced from the Mediterranean, contain no chemicals or nasties, are also fairtrade, do not use palm oil and are vegan friendly.  All of our products are anti-ageing or support the delay of skin ageing. The value of the facial (should you visit one of the Temple Spas) is upwards of £65.  There is no charge for the class and the products are available to purchase.  As the host/hostess, if your friends choose to buy any products for themselves, there is a lovely range of Temple Spa products that you can choose for yourself for free and are worth £80+.  Ask for further details or visit.


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