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Temple Spa

Temple Spa is a total lifestyle brand, which means we fuse together a 'spa-wherever-you-are' philosophy and the absolute best of spa treatments and professional anti-ageing and aromatherapy skincare products. All with the sole purpose of treating you well, whether you need replenishing, reviving, renewing, relaxing or just some time away from the stress of day to day life.

So put your feet up and relax. Hosting a Temple Spa class is as simple as inviting some friends over for 2 hours of fun and pampering and I will bring everything that is needed. There are different classes to choose from but most people start with the Skin Therapy class as it’s the all-important foundation class. Classes are the ultimate try before you buy experience, a kind of spa boutique in your own home and all the products are delivered directly to your door.

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