Holistic Therapeutic Massage - A range of body massage treatments focusing on healing the body but caring for the psychological and spiritual care of the individual.

Sports Massage Therapy - Pre event, post event, maintenance and injury assessment and management.  Can also be taken by those who want a deeper tissue massage.

Reflexology - a holistic treatment that works on the principle that the feet and hands are a mirror of the systems, organs and tissues of the body and by working on the corresponding reflex point on the foot or hand, an effect can be acted upon that body system.  Its purpose is to ensure the body is in an optimum state to heal itself.
Aromatherapy - The use of essential oils chosen to meet your individual needs following discussion about concerns and worries.  These are added to a carrier oil and massaged into the skin where they are absorbed and act upon the body to help resolve the concern or issue, promoting wellbeing.  These individualised and blended oils can also be provided in a variety of other media to allow you to continue your care at home eg, creams, sprays, bath oils.


Each time I have visited 'Take Care of U' Anna has provided an experience which has been both relaxing and restorative.  From massage to the absolute treat of a 'Face the World' facial, every treatment has been excellent.

Christine H

Really enjoyed my massage tonight.  Anna is so understanding and very good at what she does.  She fully explained everything to me and provided some really good advice too.  Thank you! xx

Rachel A

Facials - A range of facials to suit your time available and your individual skin care needs. 

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